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The connection between her personal story and her professional life was recognisable for a lot of people. You will definitely identify touch points. The reactions of the USG-people were therefore very positive.


Aagje Vanwalleghem

Olympic finalist in gymnastics

Aagje Vanwalleghem shares her personal story to motivate and empower people to make their dreams come true in her keynote 'Resilience'.

What people say

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Françoise Beaufays, Executive Secretary bij USG People

Learn how to bolster your mental and physical resilience. How you can persevere and what your entourage can do to help you move forward.

What you will learn


Aagje uses her experience as an elite-level athlete to inspire people to set their own course to a winning mentality. She shares important do's and don'ts and offers you new skills to keep on going. Are you ready to learn more about mental resilience, the process of falling and getting up, the balance between doubt and faith, ...?

“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.”

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Your inspirer

Aagje Vanwalleghem has played a critical role in putting Belgian gymnastics on the map, with several World Cup medals, the first ever Belgian gymnastics medal at a European Championship and being a finalist at the Olympic Games.

She loves to inspire, motivate and empower people to realise their dreams, both in sports and daily life.

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Discover how you get up after falling down and why there’s a thin line between doubt and belief.

See practical do's and don'ts to utilise your skills to the fullest and acquire a winning mindset.

“An inspiring lecture. The essence will surely stay with our people. The focus on her strong story with pure spontaneity and authenticity was vastly appreciated. Aagje does not walk the theoretical way, the way a lot of ‘consultants’ walk. But practical and grasped from life as it is. I’m convinced a lot of companies will be inspired by this.”

Stefaan Delahaye, Sales & Marketing Manager, La Lorraine Bakery Group