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Dominique Monami

Mental coach

In the 1990s, Dominique Monami was the leading lady of the tennis world. She was the first Belgian in the world Top 10 and won a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympic Games. Dominique has been a mental coach in the worlds of business and sport for more than 15 years and is eager to share her insights about energy. 

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How to boost your energy to reach your objective. 

What you will learn

Boost your Energy

 In this keynote, Dominique makes the comparison between a professional athlete and a business athlete. The careers are comparable: to master the fast pace, you have to develop your emotional, mental and physical qualities effectively. Expect an energetic keynote with insights you can apply immediately to your work and personal life.


"By making people aware of how they use their energy more efficiently, they will radiate more energy"

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The interaction between mental, emotional, physical energy.

How to train like an athlete to become mentally stronger.