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Evy Gruyaert

Television- and radio host

Evy Gruyaert shares a personal story about her 5 first kilometres and how that impacted the rest of her life in her keynote 'Hardlopen met Evy'.

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What you will learn

Hardlopen met Evy

In this seminar Evy highlights the importance of moving. With her tips and tricks you perfectly fit exercising into your daily routine. Her methods are practical, accessible and applicable to everybody.

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Your inspirer

Evy Gruyaert started her career as a TV and Radio presenter. Since 2013, she is the face and voice of the Start 2 Run app in Belgium and Hardlopen met Evy app in the Netherlands. In 2016, Yoga with Evy was launched, an app that introduces different types of yoga to the public.

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“Make yourself a promise. It all starts in your head. You’re doing this for yourself and no
one else. Otherwise you won’t persist."

This time you WILL reach that running goal, nothing is stopping you now.

Get to know insider tips and tricks that will help you train better.

Be inspired by Evy’s personal story on how she manages to integrate sports in her busy agenda.

I've been training with Evy for a couple of months now, it’s inspiring to hear her story and to see how she struggled with the same hurdles I had to take."

When you say Start 2 Run, you say Evy Gruyaert. Everyone knows someone who has trained with her voice in their ears. She has motivated so many runners via the app, and now motivated our company as well!"