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Fiona Beenkens


Fiona, specialized in neuro-architecture (the study of understanding how the brain reacts to space), shares tips on how to organize and design the workspace (at home) for countering fatigue. Fiona, founder of BetterAtHome, makes it her mission to raise awareness about the role of space design on our wellbeing. She studies how space can influence sleep, productivity, fatigue, motivation, …

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How to position yourselve at home to counter a state of alertness for the brain which will lead to less fatigue.

What you will learn

Energy at Home

 In this keynote you will discover what impact the home office has on your team’s brain and wellbeing. How do we disconnect from work when we live and work in the same space? Why is it difficult for our brain to work facing a wall? Am I an introvert or an extrovert, and how do I organise my work space in function of my needs?


"How to find work-life balance if the spaces that used to be dedicated to relaxation become dedicated to work ?

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How to keep energy surging through your brain and body for a long time to come.

How simple tricks in home design can help your brain dissociate work and leisure which will lead to more balance.