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Simon Gougnard

Olympic field hockey player

Simon is a professional hockey player and member of the Belgian national team, the Red Lions. He has made it to the top of the podium several times in his career, with a World title in 2018 and Olympic gold in 2020.

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People know about the medals and trophies, but what they might not know are the many setbacks we had as a team. 

What you will learn

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Road to Olympic gold

You are winning the war on talent, fantastic. But how do you turn a team of stars into a star team? Simon tells the story of the Red Lions, the Belgian national hockey team and their ups and downs on the way to winning Olympic gold. How did they become one unit: a lesson about trust, feedback, leadership and having a clear vision in a team.

"Turning a team of high-performance individuals into a “star team"

How important is trust in a team, acceptance of feedback, leadership or having a clear vision.

What you can learn from the similarities between working in teams and top sport.